Must-Dos When Your Computer is Infected

Here is a great article by mike darwin talking about what do do when your computer gets infected with spyware or a virus.  This is a great how-to for getting rid of the problems.

By Mike Darwin

If you see the message, “Your computer is infected. Windows has detected spyware infection”, on your PC, be wary about installing just any anti-spyware software program. This could just be a clever way of tricking PC owners into downloading spyware into their computer system.

Spyware programs, along with computer viruses, have become among the top Internet threats that PC owners and Internet surfers face. When one’s computer system becomes spyware infected, one becomes very vulnerable to identity theft. Through these programs, it becomes easier for some malicious software developers to steal information about the PC owner. What makes this even worse is that new spyware programs are created every day, each one more sophisticated and more potentially damaging than the previous versions.

Spyware can be a source of major computer trouble. Because it is, PC owners have to get themselves a reliable anti-spyware software program. However, if one’s PC is not yet infected with spyware, certain steps have to be followed to keep it that way. In addition, PC owners should be aware of the methods on how spyware can be transferred or injected to one’s computer system.

One of the proven and tested ways of getting that dreaded spyware infection is when you click a link on a message that suddenly appears on your screen telling you that you need an anti-spyware software. When this flashing message appears on your screen, close it by using the ctrl/alt/delete method that is usually used to manually close some programs. Do not use the close button, as it might be part of the active link that is waiting to be transferred to your PC.

PC owners have to be careful about downloading certain programs to their computer system. Moreover, Internet users also have to veer away from free downloadable programs as these are almost always unreliable. Always choose paid anti-spyware software programs instead. To help you in making a good choice, make sure to read the reviews of these products. With an efficient anti-spyware tool in your arsenal, you will no longer receive deceiving messages saying that your computer is infected with spyware.

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