How to Repair a Mobile Phone Dropped in Water

It is quite painful to see your mobile phone dropped in water. However, you are not alone, so don’t be too hard on yourself. A friend of mine had same problem with her iPhone 2. She was away in Thailand on vacation and somehow placed a loosely closed plastic bottle of Pepsi in her bag. When she took out the phone it was completely wet. She could do a couple things. First, she could throw away the iPhone and buy a new one, which is expensive. Second, she could look for the nearest phone repair shop. Last, she could try a few easy steps to see if you she could fix the phone herself.

Keep in mind that the liquid could be just on the surface. Below are some of the things you might notice when the liquid gets inside of the mobile device.

    • Ringing issues
    • Power issues
    • The screen becomes dull and sometimes you can notice the water on the screen
    • Interface irregularities

Things to do:

Immediately remove the battery or carry out a forced shut down, whichever one makes more sense at the time. You should try to shut down the Smartphone as soon as you notice that it is wet. This is because the electronic components in the phone need to stay dry to avoid harmful crisscrossing of electrical charges and destructive chemical reactions. Therefore, the first thing to do to a Smartphone dropped in water should be shutting it down.

Next, remove all the detachable parts of the Smartphone. By detachable, I’m talking about the back cover, the battery, any memory cards, and then the SIM card. Use a clean, dry cloth to dry the phone. There probably will still be some water inside the phone. You should place the phone and the other components on a clean surface for it to dry.

Another great remedy to try is to next take the smartphone and place it into a bowl of rice. The reason this works is that the rice will draw out and absorb the water. Rotate the phone every hour or so. Overall, you should let it sit in the rice for most of the day.

One thing we want to point out is that you should not use any type of appliance that applies extreme heat. An example of this is a hair dryer. A hair dryer can damage the smartphone if used the wrong way.
It is good to allow more than 24 hours before reassembling and turning on your phone again. At this point, hopefully your Smartphone is back to normal working condition.


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